Whataburger Sessions

I started a music project with the goal of eating better. I quickly realized that by residing next to a Whataburger this goal would be harder to accomplish than I realized. My intention was to work on music every time I got the urge to eat unhealthy. I was not successful. Instead, I started every music session with a Whataburger and called it Whataburger sessions. I have tasted everything on the menu and IT IS GOOD.

Black Nintendo Music You Feel

Black nintendo is the alter-ego of Eddie P. Blacknintendo embodies the new wave of music you can feel. My process for making music is to engage the moment. Engage the moment without restrictions of a genre which lets me express myself in a manner words can not. I really don’t need motivation in BN mode because my motivation is me. BN mode allows me to sit for hours expressing myself, then later I can come back and interpret in a organize fashion that the rest of the world can understand.


222 Entertainment

222 Entertainment (also known as 222 records) is an American record label founded in 1998 by Edmond Prevost Jr and Copelon J Kirklin. The two were college roommates who started the label design to inspire and change the way you listen to music. Over the years Edmond Prevost co-founder has taking over the reigns while Copelon Kirklin has ventured into other in devours.

The label has worked with numerous national recording artist from the incredible Jimmy Smith (organist) to UNLV (cash money records). While, producing artist like: Track Stars, Eddie P and Blacknintendo we have stayed true to our mission, creating music you can feel.